Yesterday, we answered the question of “Who are the most-followed college basketball players on TikTok?” with a look at which 14 men’s college basketball players have the largest followings on TikTok — something no other service offers.

Today, we’ll answer a different question: Which women’s college basketball player has added the most Instagram followers over the past 10 weeks.

The answer?

Iowa sophomore Caitlin Clark.

Clark has added 69,877 followers over the past 10 weeks, according to our complete database of every women’s college basketball player’s social-media accounts, follower counts and growth rates.

The 2021 All-American, who just led the Hawkeyes to a co-Big Ten championship and was named Big Ten Player of the Year, added 13,476 more followers than LSU’s senior Alexis Morris from Dec. 15 to Feb. 28. Morris added the second-most followers (56,401) over those 10 weeks.

The rest of the top-10 looks like this.

  1. Caitlin Clark (Iowa)
  2. Alexis Morris (LSU)
  3. Hanna Cavinder (Fresno State)
  4. Haley Cavinder (Fresno State)
  5. Shakira Austin (Ole Miss)
  6. Emily Sullivan (Long Beach State)
  7. Deja Kelly (North Carolina)
  8. Aliyah Boston (South Carolina)
  9. Angel Reese (Maryland)
  10. Paige Bueckers (UCONN)

Our databases track athletes’ follower counts every two weeks, allowing users to analyze growth in Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts over various periods of time. We send complete updates to our subscribers biweekly, and calculate both short-term and long-term growth rates in those updates.

Clark also had the highest growth, by number of followers, in women’s college basketball from Feb. 15 to Feb. 28 with 13,346 followers.

But it was another Big Ten sophomore guard, Nebraska’s Ashley Scoggin, who saw the largest increase by percentage. Her Instagram follower count grew by 359.46% in two weeks. It jumped from 2,459 to 11,298 during that stretch.

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