Earlier this year, I decided to end Contact College Athletes in order to spend more time focusing on Contact College Coaches.

There were a few reasons why.

The cost of building the massive databases of athletes’ contact information was outweighing revenue generated, and I didn’t see a way back with the changing business landscape in the United States in 2023. Many of our customers were in the world of Web3 and startup NIL platforms. Both were heavily caught up in the tech recession.

It seems like the money in NIL is flowing to collectives and a few marketplaces. They seem to be the winners in the space.

Honestly, I’d rather spend my time doing something else.

I find running Contact College Coaches to be very rewarding, where I can build products that help high-school and junior-college athletes get recruited by colleges. That business continues to grow at a healthy rate, and the best use of my time is to focus on it. For whatever reason, I never loved CCA like I did with CCC, and that love is imperative when you’re launching a small business, especially if you’re trying to juggle two at once.

-Eric Van Dril, Founder/CEO (written 5/4/23)

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