Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson, seen here playing for FCS football program North Dakota State in 2021.

On Jan. 5, 2023, we officially launched lists of college athletes’ social-media information for FCS football players, Division I women’s soccer players and Division I men’s soccer players.

Currently, we’re offering Twitter and Instagram accounts for all three. They can be purchased together, or separately. The code bulk25 (all one word) will lower the price by 25% when two or more lists are purchased at once.

The lists look and work just like our other products. We’ve compiled roster data for all three sports, and our team spent weeks compiling social-media information for the thousands of athletes in each list.

Furthermore, we are now tracking follower counts for each account. At the end of this month, we will have multiple months of follower-count data, allowing us to put together growth rates for FCS football players — and both men’s and women’s soccer players.

We’re still deciding whether or not to compile TikTok accounts and emails. That will depend on demand, to be frank. So if you’re interested in either aspect for FCS football and soccer, please send us an email at


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