Why are our lists unique?

Everything --- all in one location

Our lists compile every college athletes' Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts into one Excel spreadsheet --- the only company to create such a product. They also include emails, pulled from athletes' Instagram accounts. The combination of information provides a starting point for agencies, companies and platforms looking to connect with, and partner with, athletes.

Twice-per-month updates

Our team tracks athletes' follower counts and growth rates on Instagram and Twitter. We provide the fully-updated databases via email to our customers every two weeks. As a result, many significant trends become apparent, including: athletes' whose follower counts are exploding, whose are stagnant and who could potentially provide the most value/ROI.

Detailed information

In addition to social-media accounts and statistics, users can identify which athletes they want to partner with by a variety of factors in our lists: their year in school, the city they grew up in, the position they play and the conference/state they play in.


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A window into what we've been up to

Ending Contact College Athletes

Earlier this year, I decided to end Contact College Athletes in order to spend more time focusing on Contact College Coaches. There were a few reasons why. The cost of building the massive databases of Read more…

Meet the founder

Eric Van Dril

Founder & CEO

Eric founded Contact College Coaches in April 2017, starting with one database and eventually building more than 30. He launched Contact College Athletes in October 2021, using many of the same skills and methods to build a unique set of databases that help those in the NIL space make more-informed decisions. He lives in Chicago.

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