Today, more than 10,000 email addresses were added to our databases of college athletes’ contact information — an effort that took more than two months to complete.

Here is the per-sport breakdown of how many athletes now have emails listed in their particular database. These email addresses are student accounts mixed with emails that athletes posted on their social-media pages.

We currently have 1,357 email addresses for football players, too, from players’ social-media accounts. But we will add significantly more late this summer — when roster data is compiled for the 2022 season. We’re currently holding off on compiling it, with the transfer portal still extremely active.


Customers can also now purchase different sections of our databases.

For example, are you only interested in purchasing email addresses? You can do that at a reduced price. Are you only interested in Instagram accounts and email addresses for women’s volleyball players? You can do that, too.

All you have to do is visit our store, add the specific list/lists you want and checkout. You can also search for what you’re interested in in the search box in the top right-hand corner.

You’ll be able to download the database/databases on the page after you submit your order — and bi-weekly updates will be sent to you via email.


Lastly, special orders are also available upon request. We’ve done special orders for certain sets of schools, different conferences, a specific region of the country and more. Email to get pricing.

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