After going through our soft launch at the beginning of 2022, there were two major pieces of feedback we received.

  • TikTok accounts would be a great addition.
  • It would be amazing if you could add athletes’ email addresses to the databases.

TikTok accounts for each athlete in our databases are on track to be added in mid-February 2022, while email addresses have just been added.

Our team compiled athletes’ email addresses from their Instagram bios. They did so by hand, as there wasn’t a straightforward way due to technical hurdles put in place by Meta. They’re listed to the left of athletes’ social-media accounts.

A screenshot of the Twitter section of the DI women’s volleyball database of college athletes’ social-media information, follower counts, growth rates and emails. Screenshot taken on Feb. 1, 2022. 

Here’s the breakdown of how many emails are listed for each sport.

The athletes that have their email addresses publicly listed in each sport is a minority, but I expect the percentage to increase as time goes on. More and more athletes are going to handle their NIL deals on their own, I would estimate, as the rules become more straightforward and their schools help guide them through the compliance process. That’s why we will compile athletes’ emails once-per-quarter — to include the addresses that are newly-added as time goes on.

When we do so, I will alert our subscribers that there are newly-added addresses during that particular update. They will come at no cost.

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