FBS Football players’ Emails, Twitter accounts, follower counts & growth rates

$299.99 / year

This is a comprehensive, regularly-updated list of every FBS football player’s Twitter account, their follower counts and follower-count growth rates.

There are 15,061 people in the spreadsheet. Every program from every conference is included, as well as players’ publicly-listed emails, their positions, years in school and hometowns.

The monthly subscription includes the tracking of athletes’ follower counts, which is done once-per-month. Subscribers receive an updated database after each update, sent via email, with the latest follower counts and growth rates both listed. The most-recent update was sent out on December 30, 2022.


The NIL era in college athletics has presented individuals and companies looking to strike NIL deals with college football players with a common and consistent question: Where do we even start?


Our database of college football players’ social-media accounts includes every FBS player in the country. It lists their Twitter accounts and the number of followers they have on the platform. Their follower counts are tracked once every month, allowing our subscribers to see growth rates over weeks, months and seasons.

There are 1,357 email addresses listed in the football database.

The database is also sortable — by a player’s year in school, position, number of followers, growth rates over varying lengths of time, state they play in, where they’re from and the school they play for.

Please email Eric Van Dril at info@contactcollegeathletes.com, if you’d like to see a sample in Excel format.

Note: This database was initially built in the fall of 2021, so follower counts date back to November 15, 2021. Updates will be sent once-per-month — soon after the updated follower counts have been compiled.

All sales are final. The sharing of any of our databases is strictly prohibited, per Contact College Athletes’ terms-and-conditions.